Al-Eqtisadiah Newspaper

NO. 3883
May 29, 2004

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Reporter: Iman Al-Qahtani

She gives classes to children and men and women using a curriculum with an artistic foundation:
Nada Farhat represents the modern working women: “Medicine had influenced my art and taught me organization and spirituality”.

Nada Farhat, a graduate of King Faisal University from the school of Medicine and Surgery, practices her passion for art since childhood. Nada comments on her art by saying, “My love for art started early in my life and was mostly enhanced by the education I received as a child in the United States. I believe this had a major influence on the development of my skill and creativity”. Regarding her solo exhibitions, Nada comments by saying, “I have had 18 solo exhibitions, the first of them in the city of Khobar.  Since then I have furthered my carrier as an artist to include various branches as interior design for weddings and residential homes through commissioned invitations”.

Her work has also included teaching art at Idrak Center for Fine Arts, owned by Princess Mishael Al-Saud as well as teaching in private schools as Dhahran Schools and Dhahran Academy. Nada adds by saying “I give classes to children, men and women of all ages through a curriculum I developed based on my personal experience. I try to merge art and the human body and soul in order to learn more about the beauty of God’s creations. In my exhibitions, I try to focus on bringing in classrooms of students from the various schools in the region. In this way, my message of “Art for All” is spread since art is not limited to any age group or society”.

Nada hopes that contemporary art becomes integrated into the school curricula in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She believes that her creativity becomes an exit door from her work as a physician and the issues she faces in the hospital dealing with sick patients. Some of Nada’s public work includes the Aramco Hospital main entrance. Other works include an exhibition in Vienna, Austria under the patronage of the Saudi ambassador. Nada was one of four other Saudi artists to display her work in collaboration with Inma Gallery, a renowned art gallery in Saudi Arabia. The exhibition was a huge success in transcending boundaries and representing Saudi art in Europe.

Nada titled her current collection “The Lost Arab World”. She comments on her collection by saying “This collection was inspired by the various images of poverty I have witnessed across the Middle East. However, we as Arabs have begun with the restoration of our heritage and that in my opinion is a great come back”.

Her current collection is made of a variety of antique doors and carpets and abstract Arabic calligraphy. She has used an array of mixed media as fabric, sand, wood and hand painted frames.

Nada’s business started from a note of advice given to her by a friend. It was regarding selling her work to others as an avenue to spread her work. From painting calligraphy of names at an art booth for 10 Riyals, Nada now sells each painting starting at 1500 Riyals. As Nada’s work becomes more in demand, her prices in the galleries increase. Nada says “I like to work with all forms of art. Not only do I paint, but I also, love to make party favors!”

Nada emphasizes the influence of her knowledge in medicine on her art. From it, she believes she has learned precision, organization, commitment and spirituality”.